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Advice for adults ready to slow down and begin paying themselves.

This is the stage in life where your sacrifices and hard work will begin to pay off. However, do not become too relaxed with your financial security. Stay open-minded to new opportunities to add weight to your investments, even if you are satisfied with their current performance.

The following are ways in which HHSB can assist in stimulating your financial standing during your retirement years:
This can help plan for the special needs of your children, aging parents, the responsibilities of higher education and more! Please contact our financial professional for help in starting the process.
We can help you plan ahead to prevent the need for family members to make difficult decisions upon your death and take steps to make sure your affairs are handled in the manner you desire. Consider adding a person or persons to your accounts and investments to be payable on death.
HHSB has safe deposit boxes in various sizes available for rent at all branch locations. This is a convenient and secure location to store important documents or valuables within our vaults.  Discounted pricing is available with certain deposit account types.

Tips For Effective Financial Management:

  • Generate a living will and arrange for funeral and burial plans ahead of time. This will help make a difficult time a little easier and less stressful for family members.
  • Take advantage of senior discounts as much as possible and never be shy in asking for them.
  • Make safe investment choices. Never invest with someone you don’t know. Unfortunately, there are a lot of unsavory characters in the world who support themselves by taking advantage of senior citizens. If you are in doubt, feel free to contact one of our branches and we will assist you in deciding whether an investment choice is wise.
  • Create a comprehensive list of your assets and your investment portfolio, including financial, investment, insurance and trust products.
  • Stay informed. Be sure to regulate all of your accounts and investments to determine whether you are meeting your current goals and needs as a retiree.

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