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Mortgage Loans

Count on our Real Estate team to help you make the right moves

At HHSB, we've consistently been named the area's 'Best Mortgage Lender.' It's an honor we try to live up to every day. Our lending team knows that buying a home is a big moment in your life. They'll clearly explain all your mortgage options, stay in close touch during the application process, and do their best to help you get a loan that's as sweet as your new home.

  • Competitive rates and closing costs
  • Home financing for up to 30 years
  • Fixed-rate mortgages that offer steady monthly payments
  • Adjustable-rate loans that feature lower payments for several years
  • Cash-out and refinancing options available
  • All loan decisions made locally by HHSB lenders. All loans serviced locally so that you can continue to work with people you trust.
  • 98% of all mortgages closed within 28 days of application
  • Free moving truck provided when you close your mortgage

                                             Adam Nagele                                             Jill Pettit
                                       Real Estate Specialist                       Mortgage Portfolio Manager
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