Man holding a sign that says fraud

Debit Card Fraud Watch

Debit Card Fraud is a major problem around the world. In an effort to protect our customers and reduce fraud we have implemented HHSB Fraud Watch, a debit card fraud prevention tool.

HHSB Fraud Watch alerts establish faster communication between you and HHSB.

We continually monitor transactions on your HHSB Debit card for potential fraud. When we identify a transaction that may be fraud, we verify that transaction with you. In certain situations, we may block further use of your debit card until we receive confirmation from you that the transaction in question is legitimate. HHSB Fraud Watch alerts establish faster communication between us, verifying your transaction quickly.

As of November 1, 2016, all HHSB Debit Card customers are automatically enrolled to receive automated email alerts, phone alerts and text alerts. We must have your current email address, primary phone number and mobile phone number to ensure that we can reach you promptly, so it’s imperative that you verify this information with us by calling or visiting your local branch.

Should you receive a text alert, you must reply acknowledging that the transaction is authorized or unauthorized. If you respond that the transaction is unauthorized (fraudulent), your debit card will no longer be available for use and any further transactions will be blocked immediately in an effect to prevent any further monetary losses. Also, a HHSB representative will be in contact with you and a replacement card will be ordered.

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