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Banzai! Financial Literacy Program

Banzai! Financial Education Programs

We are very excited to offer these FREE online financial literacy modules, provide education directly to our customers, and to members of our community, as well as schools and teachers for use in the classroom. We believe that promoting financial literacy to students and adults in our community will help us all live smarter.

Program Information

  • Banzai Junior – For kids ages 8-12. In Banzai Junior, players simulate running a lemonade stand and making basic business decisions, paying for expenses, borrowing money, and saving.

  • Banzai Teen – For teens ages 13-18. In Banzai Teen, players simulate saving for college with a full-time job, living on their own, and handling decisions for living expenses, transportation, utilities, and more.

  • Banzai Plus – For ages 18+. In Banzai Plus, players simulate the home-buying process by allocating their income over several paychecks to different budgeted needs, paying unexpected bills, saving for a mortgage down payment and learning about credit scores. A great place to simulate the experience before needing to do this with real money.

  • Also included is an extensive library to help with financial decisions that you will face throughout life.

For both children and adults, these modules are online, self-paced, age-appropriate, fun, and interactive. To get started, simply log in with your email, and create your own unique password. You can go through as many modules as many times as you like. If you need to stop before you are finished, the program will allow you jump right back in.

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