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Who We Are

For over 100 years Hoosier Heartland State Bank has been committed to the communities we serve.  We are dedicated to our Mission, Vision and Values and we conduct business in accordance with these standards 100% of the time.


It is the Mission of Hoosier Heartland State Bank to be an industry leader in redefining what it means to be a Community Bank.  We believe the characteristics that define a Community Bank and Hoosier Heartland State Bank are:

1.  Giving 10% of our annual net income back to the communities we serve.
2.  Giving back of our time and talents to the communities we serve.  Our standard as an organization is 10,000 hours per year.         
3.  At least quarterly, employee owners conduct service projects that directly benefit those in need.
4.  We are committed to the success of our clients through a process of consultation and recommendation as we form long term relationships.


Where every customer says: “My Banker treats me like Family and has changed my Life!”


Through our values, we create a culture of service that supports our Mission and Vision.

Our values are:

Family First
Always Learning
Make It Fun
I Own This
Love Your Job
Your Success Matters

Employee Ownership

In 2002, Hoosier Heartland State Bank became an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) Company.  As employee-owners, we have a real interest in the bank’s success.  Our employees exhibit “Pride of Ownership” and understand that we succeed only when our clients succeed.  We are a family of dedicated employee-owners who work hard to keep Hoosier Heartland State Bank growing and healthy.  As employee-owners, we understand that our future is directly tied to the quality of service we provide and the value we bring to our community.  Putting a smile on every face takes on special meaning when you are an owner.

Our History

On December 1, 1899, The Linden State Bank in Linden, Indiana was formed.  The bank was founded as a Community Bank with the purpose of supporting agriculture, local commerce and the citizens of Linden and Montgomery County.  On January 1, 1920 the Farmers State Bank in New Ross, Indiana was organized as a Community Bank.  As the name implies, it was also founded with the purpose of supporting agriculture while serving the citizens of New Ross and surrounding communities.  In order to increase efficiency, reduce operating costs, and better serve our communities, Linden State Bank and Farmers State Bank merged on April 17, 2009 and became Hoosier Heartland State Bank.  Today, Hoosier Heartland State Bank has 6 branches serving 9 counties in West Central Indiana.  Over the years, government regulations and technology have impacted the manner in which we conduct business.  However, we have never deviated from our original purpose as a Community Bank.

Bank Directors (By Background)


     William E. Etcheson, III, Chairman              Bradley J. Monts

William E. Etcheson, III, Chairman                           Bradley J. Monts



     Robert H. DeVault       David A. Rhoads       Brian J. Buck

                  Robert H. DeVault                                     David A. Rhoads                                        Brian J. Buck


Law:                                                                         Community Foundation:

     Patricia L. Sosbe, Vice-Chairman                

  Patricia L. Sosbe, Vice-Chairman                                 Kelly S. Taylor



     Lawrence A. Smith      Mitchell Allen

                 Lawrence A. Smith                                   Mitchell K. Allen


Bank Officers

Bradley J. Monts, President      William E. Etcheson III, CEO      Trent D. Smaltz, Chief Lending Officer

                 Bradley J. Monts                             William E. Etcheson III                               Trent D. Smaltz
                         President                                                         CEO                                            Chief Lending Officer



 Tammy S. Harshbarger, V.P. – Ag/Commercial Lending      William L. Wagner III, V.P. - Commercial Lending      

         Tammy S. Harshbarger                         William L. Wagner III                                 Jamie McCumber
V.P. – Ag/Commercial Lending             V.P. - Commercial Lending                            V.P. - Operations



Blake Zachary, V.P. - Technology      Zach Hockersmith, Assistant V.P. - Retail Sales

                  Blake Zachary                                   Zach Hockersmith
              V.P. - Technology                          Assistant V.P. - Retail Sales

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