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Text Banking Frequently Asked Questions

What is text banking?

HHSB Text Banking is a service which allows you to quickly request and receive account information via text message.  In fact one of the great benefits of having Text Banking is that you can be alerted about potential fraudulent transactions occurring on your bank account.  


How do I use text banking?

Log in to your HHSB Mobile Banking App. Click on Text Banking in the message menu. Scroll down and click on instructions.  These instructions will help you to set up recurring alerts or allow you to text commands to receive account balances and transaction history.


Do I need a smart phone in order to use Text Banking?

No, virtually every mobile phone/device on the market today is capable of sending and receiving SMS Text messages.  You must simply have text messaging available through your mobile device.


Is Text Banking secure?

Because the content of text messages are generally accessible to anyone who may have access to your mobile device, the information in the text messages you receive from us do not include any personally identifiable information.  However, your text messages will store the balances and account history that you are requesting.  For that reason, we recommend you delete your Text Banking messages after you have received them.  


Will I be charged for Text Banking?

We won’t charge you. Standard carrier fees for text messaging may apply.  Please check with your service carrier if you aren’t sure what fees apply when you send and receive text messages.  


What happens if I lose my mobile device?

If your mobile device is lost or stolen, you should call your Mobile Provider to cancel service on the device.  Once you replace your device, if you keep the same number,  Text Banking will continue to work. If you change your number, you will need to log in to your mobile banking then go to Text Banking and update your phone number.  


Should I save the bank short code in the contact list on my phone?

If you wish to add the bank’s short code to your contact list, please use a generic label for security purposes. 


What is SMiShing and why should I know what this is?

A derivation of phishing, SMiShing involves the use of SMS Text Messages on mobile devices to collect personal information.  A typical SMiShing message might advise you that your debit card has been compromised and you should call a number to ensure your account’s security.  In calling the number, you would likely be asked to provide your account number, date of birth or other personal information.  Once you have done that, your information is in the hand of fraudsters and you are a potential victim of identity theft. 

SMiShing is easy to avoid if you know what to look for.  Any unsolicited text message asking you to reply with information about yourself or to call and provide information to a voicemail or live person in inherently suspect. Delete such messages without replying.

Hoosier Heartland State Bank will NEVER ask you for personal information.


Two-Way Text Banking 

What and where do I text to get information from Mobile text?
Smart Phone User: Log into your Hoosier Heartland State Bank Mobile Banking App. Go to text Banking (messaging menu), Two-Way Text Banking and follow the instructions to activate your account(s).
Other User: Please contact your nearest branch for assistance.


Valid Codes:

  • Bal (All of your account balances)
  • Bal+last 4 digits of account or Pseudo name (a single account balance)
  • Hist (All account last five transactions) 
  • Hist + last 4 digits of account or Pseudo name (Single account last four transactions)
  • Xfer (Transfer between active SMS accounts) Xfer+From Acct+To Acct+ Amount
    • Ex. – (Xfer ck1 ck21.00 or XFER (last four) (last four) 5.00)
  • Returns Confirmation #061311084530 (MonthlyDayYearHoursMinutesSeconds) 
  • Help (A list of the commends)
  • Stop (Disables enrollment for Text Mobile Banking) 


Mobile Banking Alerts​

Log in to Mobile Banking, go to the Text Banking, add alert.
Choose which account(s) you would like to receive alerts on.
Choose the Alert Type(s) you wish to receive as well as the days and times you wish to receive them.

***If you use a debit card, we strongly encourage you to set up Transaction Alerts for Debit Card. This will allow you to receive an alert every time your debit card number is used in a transaction. If there is any fraudulent use of you card, you will receive the text and you can notify the bank immediately to close your card and limit any potential losses.***  

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