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QuickBooks Online - Express Web Connect

Connecting your HHSB Online Banking accounts to QuickBooks Online is easy using Intuit’s Express Web Connect service.

1. Log in to QuickBooks Online

2. Click on the Banking tab on the left hand side

3. To add your accounts, type “Hoosier Heartland State Bank” in the search box, and click our logo when it appears in the list.

QuickBooks Online page to add Hoosier Heartland State Bank by using the search box.

4. Enter your Online Banking username and password when prompted, check the box that says “I’m not a robot”, and click the green Sign In button.

QuickBooks Online page to enter your Hoosier Heartland State Bank login information.

5. Click on the name of the accounts that you’d like to sync to QuickBooks Online and a green checkmark will appear. Click again to uncheck if needed. Then, use the dropdown list next to that account to select the account type. When finished, scroll to the bottom and click Connect

QuickBooks Online page to select the Hoosier Heartland State Bank that you would like to sync with.

This is a continuation of the previous page to select your accounts.

6. After a few minutes, your accounts will be added and you can click “Review your transactions.”

This is the page you'll receive after the previous page. It will take a few minutes, but you will see that your accounts will be added to QuickBooks Online.

This is the page where you can get into the accounts that you synced and review your transactions.


Please note that HHSB and Intuit do not maintain any mutual agreements regarding the interconnectivity of our online platforms. Though it is possible to connect your HHSB accounts to Quicken and the Online versions of QuickBooks through the use of Intuit’s Express Web Connect service, HHSB is unable to provide any technical support for Express Web Connect. Should you have trouble with Quicken or QuickBooks Online, you must contact Intuit directly for product support.

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