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Online Banking

Hoosier Heartland State Bank’s online banking lets you view all of your accounts with us on your own computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You can look to see if a check has cleared your account and view or print an image of it when it has.  You can make a one-time transfer of funds from one deposit account to another or schedule a recurring transfer from your checking to your savings to occur automatically every pay day.  You can transfer funds from a deposit account to your loan to make the payment.  You can view your last statement on line or download it electronically for your records.   Your balances are available 24 hours a day in real time.  Check the remaining principal balance on your loan (always call your branch office to get actual payoff) and see when your loan payment is due and how much the payment is.  All of your account information is securely available online.

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MyPay+ is not only a very convenient service, but it is much more secure than paying your bills by hand-written check.  Many payees accept their payments electronically but if only paper checks are accepted, they will receive one that will not contain any of your personal information.  Each type of payment will include your name and the account number that the payment is to be applied to, but it will not include your bank account number, address or phone number.   You can schedule a one-time payment or recurring payments to be paid monthly, quarterly, annually or at any other evenly spaced interval.  Your payments can be scheduled to be paid when they are due so there is no fear of forgetting to pay a bill.  You must enter the payee information and make the first payment to that payee by computer via online banking, but any subsequent payments to that payee can be scheduled by mobile banking.  You can sign up for ePayment by downloading the form above.



Mobile Banking

Now you can access all of your account information with your smart phone by logging onto  There is also a Hoosier Heartland State Bank App.  You can get the app for your iPhone at the iTunes App Store, or for your Android Phone on Google Play. Mobile banking has all of the same benefits of our online banking except now it is at your fingertips, no matter where you are.  To use mobile banking, you must first be signed up fo  online banking, which you can do from the two links above.


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